About California Business Bureau, Inc.

Who We Are

California Business Bureau, Inc. (CBB) became licensed in the State of California in 1973 as a collection agency specializing in providing healthcare services.

Based in Monrovia, California, with a branch office in San Diego, the activities of CBB go beyond traditional collection services.  With our staff in excess of 170 employees, we provide a full range of receivables management programs including pre-collect, billing, follow-up and collection services, as well as backlog/clean-up projects.

Michael J. Sigal, the owner and sole stockholder of CBB, has been in the collection industry since 1966.  The management team that supports him is comprised of seasoned professionals who have been with CBB an average of 20 years.

Our Philosophy

Healthcare receivables are a unique type of debt. It’s a debt often incurred as a necessity of life, not a luxury, and incurred at a time when the financial consequences are rarely foremost in the mind of the patient or responsible parties. As a result, this leads to a need for the medical business office – and subsequently the collection agency – to communicate the financial realities clearly and tactfully.

Each client adopts a philosophy they feel will best serve their collection needs.  CBB understands the uniqueness of this collection environment and sees its role as an extension of each client’s own business office philosophy.  In our collection practices, we have long maintained the highest standards of our profession. We insist on full compliance with all local, state and federal regulations, while also taking the initiative to reflect client concerns for the community it serves.

We approach this commitment by hiring quality, professional employees. Next, we provide them with experienced, accessible supervisors and ongoing training - enabling them to stay aware of changes in healthcare, to improve their skills, and to enable them to share and learn effective techniques from others.  Our staff is trained to apply sensitive and skillful techniques  designed to encourage patients to promptly clear their debt and guide them toward payment in full.

Experience has shown that through the use of key phrases in effective collection letters and timely follow-up, collection recoveries can be maximized while respecting client concerns for their public image.