Collection Programs

The core activity of California Business Bureau, Inc., is its collection programs. This activity involves two general areas:

Receivable Outsourcing Programs
Business Support Services

In all of its practices, CBB adheres to the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (15 USSC 1601), the California Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (Civil Code 1788), any rules or regulations promulgated pursuant thereto, and all other applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations. All patient contact is automatically documented in our computerized system, and comments are entered regarding the status of all communication or attempted communication.

Receivable Outsourcing Programs

California Business Bureau, Inc. (CBB) and its Medical Billing Services (MBS) a division of California Business Bureau, Inc., provide a wide variety of receivable outsourcing programs to enhance productivity and recovery results. These programs, billed at one low rate that remains the same for the life of the account, can be tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Customized Programs include Pre-Collect, Billing, Follow-Up and Collection Services, as well as Backlog Projects/Clean-up.

  • Pre-Collect, Billing, Follow-Up and Collections

These all-inclusive services provided by Medical Billing Services (MBS), pre-collect/early placement, patient billing, third-party billing, follow-up and collection, are assigned to MBS as early as one day after the bill has dropped.

Business Office Support Services

One of the keys to the success of California Business Bureau, Inc. is our commitment to client relations. Our Client Relations Department is a service-oriented business office support center that CBB clients have found to be an invaluable resource.

The department is comprised of professional, courteous and responsive representatives dedicated to providing superior healthcare services. With their in-depth knowledge of operations, troubleshooting experience, and ability to respond to a client’s request, these representatives are available on an as-needed basis to support the special needs associated with on- and off-site processing of assigned accounts.

At CBB, business office support also involves a number of other services:

  • Insurance Department

CBB’s Insurance Department includes highly experienced, hospital-trained medical insurance billers who understand the nature of the accounts and the process required for resolution. Assignments are regularly monitored to identify any third-party liability. The Insurance staff is also trained in all areas of third-party reimbursement such as Commercial, HMO, and PPO, including government billing and follow-up. Department members also are experienced in the appeals process related to any of these areas.

  • Information Systems

Our IT department supports our internal collections and call center applications as well as providing a full suite of services to our clients.  Our IT staff is lead by an individual with nearly twenty years’ experience in medical collections and A/R management, and more than twenty-five years’ experience in software development and technology integration.

Our IT department is fully staffed with programmers, analysts, network engineers, EDI experts, and support people.  We are able to create custom interfaces for our clients for any application including automated file transfers, electronic remittance advices, custom reporting and other services.  Many report requests can be fulfilled same day, and most within 24-48 hours.  Our clients can access our computer system remotely and have up-to-the-minute status on any account.

Our network and data center is state of the art and our IT capabilities are constantly evaluated and upgraded to respond to our business and client needs.  Our call center integrates IVR (interactive voice response), ACD (automated call direction) and predictive dialing.  Our agents have access to real-time credit reporting, skip-tracing, and credit card and electronic payment processing.

Our debt collection system provides a completely automated environment for our collectors, with a built-in monitoring system that assists supervisors and collectors in managing each and every account.

  • Complimentary Seminars

CBB takes great pleasure in providing complimentary classes and seminar for its clients. Recent training programs have covered such subjects as “Laws Governing Collection Practices,” “Effective Collection Techniques,” “Maximizing Your Collection Efforts,” “Getting the Payment in Full,” and “Dispute Resolution Procedures.” Classes, which can be conducted at CBB offices or at the client’s facility, can also be tailored to meet specific customer needs. In addition, CBB offers clients the opportunity to send their billers or other employees to our offices for further one-on-one training.